Wednesday, September 11, 2002

And the Finaly Jeopardy answer is... 9-1-1.

What is the number I call when someone is trying to break into my house? Correct.

That's about all those numbers mean to me. Well, I'd also call for other emergencies, like a fire or gas leak.

I've been contemplating off and on for a few days about how to address the one year anniversary of planes smacking into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. And, I think the best way to address it... is not to. But that's a little impossible because I already have. Don't you love the irony?

Seriously, why should this day be any different than another? I haven't figured that out. All of the networks will be providing some form of anniversary coverage (except the WB which is showing My Dog Skip). I hear many are doing around the clock coverage, which just ensures that I'll either be reading a book or playing Sim City 3000 (erecting my own buildings to destroy later) when I get home.

To me, the best thing I can do to beat the terrorists is forget about 9/11 and continue to live my life without fear. I can rather easily say I'm not afraid of death or dying, so I really have nothing to fear from terrorism. That's how they lose. When people, when Americans, when more people all over the world get over their fear of dying, living life becomes easy and terrorists have NO advantage. That's what they are after. For us (or is that for U.S.) to be so afraid of dying that we allow ourselves and the government to take so many precautions, to take away so many of our freedoms, that it becomes impossible to live freely. I'd rather die than live without the freedoms I enjoy.

So, in my little, insignificant mind, I have won my personal war on terrorism.

In her newspaper column on Dec. 8, 1942, first lady Eleanor Roosevelt told Americans why she opposed the commemoration of Pearl Harbor. "It is not a date for a holiday," she wrote. "It is a date that should make us work."

Couldn't have said it better myself... That's exactly how I feel about making 9/11 a holiday. That's just stupid.

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