Friday, September 27, 2002

Well, if we're having trouble conceiving a child, we can at least at adopt one in the meantime... In fact, we all adopted one. Well, a demon child anyway... Ok 3 demon children... Ok, just 3 demons...

Rosenworcel, Protector of Everything Grey, a.k.a. ThunderGod

Rosenworcel is so named for the great ThunderGod, Brian of Guster, and I'm teaching my boy to be protector of Everything Grey. At least, I think he's a boy. He's quite the masculine demon...


Xercsis was adopted by my wife. She says he's cute and this is the baby she's been waiting for. Ain't he a cutie-patootie?


Even the boy can adopt a demon and Freezia is his own pride and joy. Apparently, Freezia is some Dragonball-Z creature. Kids know that stuff, so I trust he also knows how to take care of Maybe, if he does a good job with his demon, we'll get the boy a puppy.

Thanks to Trish for the linkie... Adopt your own demon, too...

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