Sunday, October 06, 2002

I often have a strange sense of deja vu. This feeling usually manifests like this: I'll be doing something and my eyes will be attracted to something about what I am doing. Then, I'll realize I've done this before and how something is about to happen and it does. Confused? Well, this happened to me earlier...

I was sitting in an edit bay at work scanning through video tapes. Suddenly, I had this feeling like I had done this before. I made a note of the tape I was looking at. Oddly enough, it was generic promos of James Van Praagh's show Beyond.

Then, I started with the details of the scene. I thought, if I look at the monitor I'll see the squares of the promo being fast forwarded. But, not just random pixel squares. An exact scene. I thought I would see the endpage of the promo pass-by when I looked at the monitor and in fast-forwarded motion James Van Praagh would appear from light and fog. Sure enough, I looked up and there he was.

Then, I thought I should hear that the NY Giants were about to score a touchdown on Dallas. Of course, I did have the game on at work, as well as trying to listen to the Saint's game on the web. The Saint's was where my aural focus was at the time. Then, I hear something to the effect of "Collins throws. He's got a receiver. TOUCHDOWN!" I look up to the tv and the Giants just scored the game winner.

When the deja vu gets that detailed, I just have to stop what I'm doing and take a minute and get out of the situation. And usually, I had deja vu about doing that, too.

I've read that experiencing deja vu is a form of clairvoyance. Apparently, what psychicly happens is that you dream of a future event that you later experience. Most of the time you don't remember the dream until you have the deja vu. So, in essance, you see the future in your dreams. This happens way too much to me.

Lately, the wife and I have been trying to experiment with out psychic abilities (don't laugh). Honestly, a lot of it seems like coincidence. Here's a way we read about to test and develop your psychic abilities. We'll take out a deck of cards and one of us will try to determine whether the card is a red (heart/diamonds) or black (clubs/spades) card. According to the test, if you get 13 out of 20 right, you're well on your way to developing your abilities. I'm borderline right now. I usually can get 12 of the cards. The skeptic in me thinks that anyone can guess red or black and be right 60% of the time, so I figure it's all coincidence.

Then, we'll go a step further and try to determine the number and/or suit of the card. It's harder to do, so if you get 6 or 7 out of 20, you'd doing good. Again, I can borderline it. Usually get 5 or 6.

Do I think I'm psychic? No. But I do think I have the potential...

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