Friday, October 04, 2002

Sometimes, I read stuff like this and this and think that maybe video games like Grand Theft Auto 3 are influencing people's brainpans. Maybe whoever committed these crimes got the idea from the game...

I have Grand Theft Auto 3 and basically the jist of the game is do be the best criminal you can be. You can kill people in the game any number of ways: Rocket launcer, run over them with a tank, sniper rife, flame thrower. It's definately not for kids, and I don't play it when the kid is around.

One of my favorite stress relievers is to play this game. I go find a fast car, park it near some stairs, get out and climb to the top of a roof. Then, I'll snipe as many folks as I can until the cops come after me. Perhaps, I'll shoot down a few police choppers before making my getaway. The point is it relieves my stress and I don't actually hurt anyone. I'm an intellegent being who knows that I can't do that in real life. It's morally wrong, not to mention, I don't think I could actually kill someone.

But, in a video game, bring'em on... Come on copper, try and take me down.

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