Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Why? (a.k.a. Whyne)

Why is it my fault a movie open aired wrong when you were supposed to delete the old spots and didn't?
('Cause you're an idiot)

Why is it that I have the complete inability to rip someone who deserves it a new a-hole?
('Cause I'm too nice)

Why do I always bite my tongue instead saying how I feel?
('Cause I don't want to cause anyone pain)

Why do I feel like nothing will be done?
('Cause nothing will be done)

Why does no one respect you?
('Cause you have given them numerous reasons not to)

Hey, thanks for the apology. I appreciate that, even if it was insincere and some suit probably got you to do it... It's hard to be a team player when the coach isn't...

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