Friday, November 08, 2002

In the words of Pep Streebeck, "Thank God, It's Friday!"

And so my weekend begins. After working Sunday through Thursday nearly 12 hours a day, the weekend is here for me and I'm just going to be a lazy fuck. The couch is my friend; I am its potato. Things came up during the week that would of had me travel home this weekend but they have been resolved, so I don't have to. My folks have been here helping babysit the kid while the wife is out of town. They are going to take the kid with them and my wife will pick him up on the way home. It really sucks that I have been working such long hours. I barely got to see my son off to school and then a couple of nights this week, he was asleep before I got home. But, unfortunately, that's what the Sweeps period is like. A full month of total work absorption with maybe a two day break on the weekend. Last week, I had so much to do, that I ended up going into work on a normal day off. I'm torn between keeping the boy here with me so we can spend some time together and the need to recharge my batteries for next week. He really wants to go with my folks, so I think that's probably the best. He'll have more fun with them. They'll buy him stuff... Next week at work probably be even rougher on my schedule. The bright side of Sweeps-hell is it's only this bad for 3 months out of the year. The rest of the year my boss doesn't really care if we get 8 hours a day as long as the work is done. We take it very easy when it's not sweeps...

I don't really feel like doing anything this weekend, but I know staying in the house will drive me a little stir crazy. Perhaps, I'll rent some movies, or go see one. I have to figure out what's playing. It has to be something kids can't see and my wife wouldn't want to see. I don't know of porn theatres in Houston, though (that was a joke... but I seriously don't know of any porn theatres in Houston). Any suggestions?

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