Tuesday, December 17, 2002

No one will probably care about this, unless they are in the Houston area and a Rocket's fan, but I've got a pair of tickets to see the Rockets vs. the Golden State Warriors. The game in on Saturday, January 4th and tipoff is at 7:30pm.

Right now, I'm auctioning them off at eBay. I have to get rid of them by the end of weekend. If you make a bid on them, you'll be helping the "Dragonball Z for Xmas Fund." The face value on the tickets is $112 a piece, so you'd be saving a hefty amount of cash and helping brighten the smile of a child on Xmas morning... (How's that for a guilt trip?)

They're good seats as far as I can tell... SEC: 109 ROW: S Seats 7 & 8. Check seating chart.

If you want to buy them and don't wanna eBay, email me, and if they are still avaible after the auction, we can work something out...

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