Monday, December 16, 2002

God, those are some god-awful jerseys. It's just ugly. But, it's only fitting that the New Orleans Saints would play as good as they look. Minnesota 32 - New Orleans 31.

If defense wins championships, then the Saints ain't gonna win one this year. Horrible Horrible Horrible. Culpepper fumbled the damn two-point conversion, picked it up and STILL ran it in from at least 5 yards out to win the game. Unbelieveable. The jersey being so ugly, not the Saints-D losing the game. That's predictable.

Still, I gotta give it to the Vikings for the gutsy call to go for the win and not overtime. Why the heck not? They can't make the playoffs. Go for broke against the worst Saints Defense in a long time... That's gold shirt.. Ugly is the only word for it. Same goes for the D...

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