Sunday, December 01, 2002

This is why I want a digital camera...

Driving home, we're travelling I-10 West and get to Orange, Texas. And we see this sign: Terrorists, Don't Mess With Texas. Remember The Alamo... Don't believe me do you? If I had a picture of it you would though, wouldn't you!?!?

Anyway, that sign got me thinking about what it meant... Not being a native Texan, I don't quite get the appeal of the Alamo. I mean, didn't the American/Texan forces get stomped? Albeit, they did put up one helluva fight before being wiped out by the Mexican Army.

We visited the Alamo. Had trouble finding it. When we finally found it, it was closing in 5 minutes. We looked around and still had 3 minutes to hit the gift shop. That's what I don't understand. Why did Jim Bowie et al decide this little tiny church was the place to make a stand? What was so important about that place and why in the hell did this ass-kicking deliver unto us the phrase "Remember the Alamo?"

On the surface, I think it's just saying, "These people died, so we should mourn them." But, if you scratch a little deeper, you'll see it's telling of the American Spirit -- the never give up, no matter what the odds attitude. And that's a great attitude to have about the whole "war on terrorism" thing.

But, if you dig even deeper into this "Remember the Alamo saying, I think it says, "yeah, you fucked us up good then, but look who's large and in charge now." And, I think that's an even better attitude to have about "the war on terrorism" because yeah, they got us dumb 'Mericans really good at the WTC and Pentagon, but in the end, we'll be screaming "Who's your Daddy?" in their faces.

And yeah, terrorist evil-doers, Don't Mess With Texas because, lord you think you're crazy... You ain't seen crazy 'til you've lived here...

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