Thursday, April 10, 2003

Don't it just figure? At work, they giveaway tickets to Rocket games and Astro games and other stuff all the time here. Usually, the way they give stuff out is by emailing everyone and asking a trivia question. Sometimes, the questions are WB-related, sometimes they are sports related. Usually, I don't even bother answering the question because I don't really care to see the Rocket's lose or the Astros lose and there's no time to sell the tickets on Ebay. As long as I know I'm right...

Well, tomorrow is "Employee Appreciation Day" and the boss-folk will cook and serve their elk lunch. Today's trivia question was asking us to guess what the main entree would be. I guessed that we'd be having what we had last year. Before I knew it, I was replying with my answer. After I hit "Send," my mind kicked in and reminded me that we're going to "Family Math Night" (I don't know exactly what that is) at the kid's school. Murphy's Law states that I have to win. Sure enough, a few minutes later I got a call asking me if I was free tonight. I said yes, even though I wasn't, on the off-chance that we finished our math in a timely manner... Muthafuck. Can't even relish the win...

I've won a few things before from office giveaway:
Rockets vs Golden State Warriors (on vacation - couldn't go)
A state of the art chrome BBQ grill (I live in an apartment with no porch or patio and I'm the only guy in Texas who doesn't BBQ).
And now, I'm stuck with 2 Astro's tickets to a game I can't go to or have time to sell (Not that I really like baseball, but I do think I should go to one game for the life experience).

When they called, they asked me not to tell anyone that we would be served steak again this year.

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