Tuesday, April 08, 2003

The Fruits of My Labor Today: Haiku for You

If I had a dime
For ev'ry minute sitting
I'd have a year's pay.

The Countdown is on.
Just need to survive until
December Seventh.

A man and woman;
Not a clue between the two.
Say Mismanagement?

If I could see them
Your lips and nose would be brown
But I just see toes.

Fluorescents blind me.
A cubicle confines me.
Windows are needed.

Efficiency rocks.
Left with much time twiddling thumbs.
Efficiency sucks.

Type click type click type
Click type click type click type click
Four hours 'til five.

A project assigned!
Yippie Skippy! Things to do!
Oh. Same as last time...

Tomorrow will be
Better because there's movies
to watch and call work.

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