Thursday, April 03, 2003

I had a thought. Surely you've heard of the "Carnival of the Vanities" - you know the traveling list of links of posts from biggish bloggers. Its intention is to give exposure to posts, that for one reason or another, people didn't see. It's kind of... well, the idea behind it is here.

It's a great idea and I've participated in a couple of the Carnivals and followed the Vanities in its travels. But, I guess my problem with it is, from what I've seen, it's nearly all political content. Not that I have a problem with political 'blogs or anyone whose 'blog is political. Oh, not at all. It just seems to me that bloggers like myself who don't do much, if any, political stuff... well, The Carnival isn't quite the forum for personal 'blogs to get more exposure.

What I enjoy about reading other people's 'blogs is the "people-watchin" aspect. Hopefully, that doesn't sound "stalker-ish." In real life, I enjoy observing people and how they react to situations, so that's how I approach reading other 'blogs. It's only natural for me to "people-watch" on the web. Again, I hope that doesn't make me a stalker.

For me, content and personality is king when it comes to reading a 'blog. I think I've found some very different and unique personalities to put on the ol' blogroll, but I crave more.

So, I had a thought. What if there was a "Carnival of the Vanities" that wasn't so political? Would anyone be interested participating in a project that helps the little bloggers get more notice?

I figure it would work pretty much the same. Folks send their best posts to a host site for a week and different sites host it. I've even got a name for it: The Cult of Personalities. Or is there something like that out there already that I don't know about?

Come on, let me know what you think. Willing to help? Anyone? Anyone? Link to this post and help spread the idea around...

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