Tuesday, April 01, 2003

When last we left our hero, ML was busy fighting a deadly trio of arch-nemisises - Lack O'Inspiration, Ang Zi Odie with her toadies Werk and Lyphe, and, The Time Master. These three villains ganged up on our hero with hopes of finishing him off once and for all.

In the past, ML fought them all, but never all at the same time and never with the possibility of such horrible consequences. He survived Hye Skool and his junior. He battled D'Preshun to a near draw, but defeated that foe with a 1-2 combo of laidback attitude and self-worth. Now, he sits on the verge of defeat at the hands of three cunning foes.

The Time Master had always been difficult to deal with. With his Infinite-Finity Device, he could speed time up, so his rivals would feel as if they were always on the go. Or to be really nasty, he would slow time down, so the days and hours dragged on and on.

Lack O'Inspiration had a calm demeanor about him. Using in mental abilities, he could force the most intelligent person's minds to turn off. He would keep them alive, but most intelligent and all creative thoughts were quickly suppressed, leaving his victims paralyzed with self-doubt.

Ang Zi Odie was quite possibity the more cunning of the three. She would manipulate people from the shadows of her lair and surprise her victims with her presence when it was too late. Her henchmen, Werk and Lyphe, would quickly do her bidding without question, and were rewarded with their victim's soul.

Having faced each separately, ML was confident with his abilities to take them all on. The battle was inevitiable, the outcome wasn't.

The battle plan was remarkably simple. The Time Master would slow ML's day to a crawl, while Werk took cheap shots. Just when it looked like Werk would be defeated, the Time Master sped time up and Lyphe would continue the fight. The long drawn out battles with Werk and the quick catfights with Lyphe would start to take their toll on ML.

That's when Lack O'Inspiration would join the fight. His mental powers could slow ML's abilities to fight off Werk and Lyphe, and any creative thoughts the hero had would be suppressed by ML's own self-doubt and worthlessness.

When last we saw the grey man, the plan was implemented and it looked like he would be defeated. Ang Zi Odie had crept in through the shadows and proved to be the ringleader who planned our hero's demise.

But, all was not lost. ML was holding his own against the enemy. He knew he could not continue the fight forever. So, he tricked his foe into believing he was defeated. And while they celebrated, he rested... and waited.

It wasn't long before the trio became overconfident and lazy. ML was just waiting for the opportune moment. And, how appropriate, he thought, that it came on April 1st.

Lack O'Inspiration had for just a moment stopped concentrating on suppressing ML's creativity. That would be all the hero needed. ML remembered the words he kept deep down in back of his head. And he screamed them out loud!

"The Greatest Thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!"

No, wait! Wrong story.

And he screamed them out loud!

"Only I can defeat myself."

And with that battle cry, he lept into action. Lack O'Inspriration was quickly finished off. ML just needed a burst of creativity to get the upper hand. The Time Master was a much harder foe to fight. When the Infinite-Finity Device slowed the day down, ML kept himself busy and hardly noticed. And when time was sped up, he took a few deep breaths and took time to enjoy the ride. The machine's circuits became overloaded and blew up, leaving the Time Master without powers. After his defeat, Werk and Lyphe were easily overcome. As they slinked back to their mistress master, Ang Zi Odie knew she could not face ML alone. She swore she would be back.

ML knew she would and promised to be ready. As the sun began to rise across the battlefield, our hero triumphantly shouted, "I'm back, baby!"

Sadly, only 5 people heard and they didn't seem to care...

Alternate Ending for the DVD: a.k.a When Blogger crapped out...

ML knew she would and promised to be ready. As the sun began to rise across the battlefield, ML tried to access his home lair. He typed in his codename and password into his wrist computer.

The display lit up:


What was this? It would seem that the forces of evil were still running strong. ML was triumphant but it seemed no one would know about his victory. A new enemy had surfaced - Blogg Err.

To Be Continued...

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