Monday, April 21, 2003

Yeah. Sorry. I'm lazy. That's my only excuse. The last several days have been rather uneventful. There was the Guster concert, which was as always wonderful. Brian sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water." It was horrible and I loved it. I spent about 30 bucks on CDs from Wherehouse Music's going out of business sale. Added Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend and Garth Brooks' first album, among others to the collection. Why Garth Brooks? I don't know, it was cheap enough to feel necessary. Country Music ain't all bad, y'all. I also slept... alot... like 'til noon most days. Vacation days will do that.

The weekend went like this: sweaty camel, really sweaty camel. friends house warming party. late (because we slept 'til noon) Easter lunch at I-HOP, which I am never eating at again. straighten the living room. wash some clothes. sleep. And now I'm back at work. See, not all storys have a happy ending...

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