Tuesday, April 22, 2003

It's about bloody god-damn time. Shares of Everything Grey are now ready to be traded in Blogshares. Going price is rather cheap, but that's expected - only 27 cents per share.

If you use your turn signal, the reward will be me letting you in. If you don't use your turn signal, fuck off. Goddamn Houston drivers...

Only one last day of being a sweaty camel. Then, I swear I will never EVER be a furry animal in a play again! (and I'll stop talking about it) Up next, Guys and Dolls, hopefully.

I noticed you have been wearing the earrings and necklace I bought you a while ago. I didn't say anything, but I did notice. You were still wearing them this morning as you slept. Kooky how they match the ring.

Perhaps I should change the i-mood indictator more often. I am not nearly as aggrivated as that thing makes me out to be... Of course, I don't know if depressed is a better option...

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