Saturday, May 03, 2003

Dear J C Penny,

I know that I am what is considered a "big guy" and feel most comfortable wearing shirts that are at least 2X in size. Actually, the size 2X-T is just about perfect for me. However, you really must do something about your color choices for apparel of this (or greater) size. Guys my size and up really do not want to wear baby powder blue nor canary yellow. Let's face it, girly colors like that are very emasculating for men in general, much less bigger guys. Also, while we're on the subject, many horizontal stripes is also a bad idea. I will admit to owning several shirts with a stripe, but only one stripe, not 10 differently colored stripes. Something else you might want to keep in mind is the type of fabric used. Big guys sweat. And we don't need a heavy, non-breatheable fabric to facilitate extra sweating. Light, airy fabrics are quite acceptable.

Normally, I wouldn't have any cause to complain as I don't normally shop in your store - your prices are entirely too high for me to justify paying $30 for an extremely ugly shirt. However, I received a $50 gift card for Xmas and found the need to use it. So, while I perused your clothes racks, I make these observations in hopes of helping you understand your bigger customers (a few are addressed above and, therefore, reduntant but not unimportant):

1) Better color choices. Big, manly men need manly colors.
2) Just say NO to many horizontal stripes.
3) Breatheable fabrics.
4) Clearance items should still be affordable. (I, for one, cannot even afford your normally priced attire)
5) Belts... is $22.50 really necessary?
6) The Big and Tall section needs to be more than one table of pants and one table of shirts. A bigger selection of styles, colors and prints is quite necessary.

After my shopping was done, there was $2.93 left on my gift card. So for fifty bucks, I was able to by a plain navy blue 2XLT St. John's Bay Polo shirt (100% heavy and nonbreatheable cotton), a pair of light khaki "Worry-free" St. John's Bay pants (the whopping $5 discount sold me) and some pretty groovy socks. Ok, the $5.50 on the socks was a little enduldgement, but I was trying to wipe the gift card clean. Thank you for the $2.93 I'll never be able to afford to spend.

PS: I did find some absolutely wonderful shirts with the clearence price of $8.99 that I would have quickly snatched up as many as I could afford. But alas, the biggest size you had was large. Back to Wal-mart. I like their clothes better anyway.

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