Thursday, May 08, 2003

Work isn't all bad... Sometimes, you get free tickets to things you can and want to go see. In this case, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express is in town and I secured 4 tix. I had no idea what to expect as far as plot. All I knew was that it wasn't a big success when it first arrived in the US in the early 80s and that it's by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The latter is a great reason to see any show.

Starlight Express is done completely on roller skates, although, I did notice the one guy doing flips and tricks was using rollerblades. It is part Toy Story, part Broadway, part drag-race, and part The Little Engine That Could. Suspension of disbelief is kind of necessary to really enjoy it. While never hearing a single song from the show before, the ended wasn't difficult to figure out. That is to say, the plot was easy to figure out. At least it had a plot, as opposed to Cats.

The music was spectacular. If it wasn't being sold for $40 (yes, 40), I would have bought the CD. I could have done without the 3-D movie of the racing parts. It may have been more exciting to actually see the race on the stage, but I can understand the difficulties of pulling that off.

Would I have seen it if I had to pay for it? Hard to say. Depends on the ticket price. I don't think I would have minded shelling out $20 bucks a ticket. Certainly no more than that. But, for free, we were definately well entertained.

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