Tuesday, June 17, 2003

When you get depressed, really deep down blue, you start to doubt just about everything. And I do mean everything. You doubt your self-worth, your life, your choices, your relationships. You distance yourself from family and friends so not to bother them with your troubles, even though deep down you hope they notice and do something about it. The beauty of severe mood swings is that it doesn't take much to swing towards the positive.

I'd been feeling pretty down on life lately. Lots of doubts which I don't care to talk about because they don't really matter. The important thing is that I'm on a positive swing all because of Goldie Hawn. You see, I was given "Wildcats" on DVD by my wife for Father's Day. Yeah, it's a comedy and has some great laughs. Bonus points for the football. An extra point or two for noticing a bad edit where you see Wesley Snipes in all his maniless for a few frames. But, the movie itself didn't cause the good swing. No, it was the thought that this was the first movie my wife and I shared together over 10 years ago.

When you get depressed, really down down blue, you notice little things. You notice you hit the snooze a little more. You notice less eye contact with people. You notice a bad edit in a movie where you see Wesley Snipes's and his third leg for a few frames. The beauty of severe mood swings is that just a little thought or memory can bring you back to the positive.

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