Monday, June 23, 2003

The Headache Chronicles

8am - Having to work the late shift, the day begins rather late. I arise from my slumber with the snooze alarm and get dressed for my daily walk.

8:50am - Talking my good ol' time to get ready, I venture out of the apartment to begin a brisk 2-mile walk.

9:10am - While walking, I comtemplate the day ahead. Thoughts soon turn to what work has instore for the week. I realize that the department head and assistant are both out on vacation, as well as, the other producer I'll working the late shift for. It hits me that it will only be me, the intern, and Miss Mangagement in the office for most of the week. Dammit.

9:11am - Headache begins.

9:50am - Back at home, I shower and get ready for work. Headache grows with quick breakfast.

10:25am - Drive to work. I notice that the closer I get to the office gates, the bigger the stabbing pains are.

10:50am - Arrive at work. I notice that people are here, just not at their desks.

11am - While sitting at my desk working, Miss Management sits at desk and starts normal work discussions.

11:00:37am - Headache intesifies tenfold.

11:10am - Swallow two 200mg ibuprofen tablets with a tall glass of water.

12pm - Seeking some relief, I take my hair out of the ponytail. Nothing happens. Pain still throbs.

12:10pm - Miss Management leaves for lunch. Headache subsides slightly.

1pm - Attend daily meeting. Head feels like Hulk smashing brain.

1:18pm - Leave the building to grab some lunch.

1:20pm - Notice that head has stopped hurting even with hair in ponytail.

1:30pm - While in line for food, the pain has completely stopped.

1:40pm - Arrive back in building. Pain resumes. Notice Miss Management isn't back from lunch. Not surprised.

1:50pm - Log into Blogger for this post. Head is pounding.

5:45pm - Miss Management goes home.

6:10pm - Headache almost completely gone.

Gee, I wonder what the problem could be???

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