Sunday, June 29, 2003

Let's not get into the specifics of exactly why the kid and I saw "From Justin To Kelly." Let's just get to the point...

I guess it's not really a shocker that "From Justin To Kelly" pretty much defines "suckage." The biggest shock is that it coulda beena contenda. That is, it had potential. Unfortunately, everyone involved thought it best to capitalize on the American Idols popularity by rushing this piece of crap into production. I really think that is this movie's major problem. Well, maybe the major problem is the script, which is a direct result of rushing the flick into theaters. It doesn't come as a surprise that the person who wrote this drivel also has "Spice World" on their resume. Seriously, everything else about this movie was suitable. But, you can only do so much with the words you're given.

I did have a problem with "freaky nipple guy." That's what I called him. There's this buffed up background dancer dude with some seriously fucked up nips. They are bigger than dubloons and are dark brown on a rather tanless body. The image is rather hypnotic. You can't help but stare at them. I found myself counting how many times this oddity appeared on the screen. Turns out, he's a bartender at one club at night and spends his days dancing on the beach. Of course during Spring Break, that's what everyone does... dance on the beach.

The musical aspect of "From Justin To Kelly" is ok, except for the horrid redition of K. C. and the Sunshine Band's "That's The Way (uh Huh) I Like It." The songs flow out of the dialouge rather easily and you almost get the idea in real life people break out in song (Well, in my reality, they do anyway). But, the settings of some of the songs are way outta wack. Why sing about how "I'm finally holding you in my arms" and how great that feels if your A) in a boat with your love interest driving you around the ocean and B) YOU'RE NOT HOLDING THEM IN YOUR ARMS.

Can someone please tell Kelly to hire a best costumer? Honey, nothing you wore was very flattering, except for perhaps, that red top and the green pants. And that top in the end looked like someone tied a couple of silk scarfs together. Ick!

This could have been a fun beach movie. But it's not. Kids, if you wanna see a fun beach movie, rent something with Frankie and Annette.

Best Line of the Movie: Some Random Thug to Justin: (paraphased) "What's your problem, Sideshow Bob?"

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