Wednesday, July 16, 2003

If you are one of the two or three faithful readers of this grey state, then surely you have figured out how I adore Liz Phair. I finally have her new self-titled album and I must say how much I fucking love it. If I didn't buy Guster's new album at the same time, I never would have taken it out of the CD player. I mean, I bought the Guster album, so I had to spin it at least once, right?

Many fans of Liz Phair will probably not like this album. Fuck them. Don't listen to them. There isn't a bad song on it. Quit reading this and go here and buy this album already... unless your under 18... Parental Advisory and all...

While the album is WB-ized, Liz is still Liz. That means you can expect hard rocking songs about lust, sex and relationships. Phair (with producers The Matrix) makes radio-friendly pop songs without betraying herself. Don't be mistaken - the album has none of the raw energy as, say, Exile In Guyville. But, who cares when you can hum and snap along to H.W.C. (not a radio-friendly song as the H stand for "hot" and the W stands for "white"; imagine what the C stands for). Plus, you can not deny the "fuck me" power these songs have. This album is musical equivilent of the black stilletto heel.

The first few seconds the CD played, I thought I put Korn or Linkin Park in the player. A heavy, pounding riff kicks off the album ("Extraordinary") but soon transgresses into the Liz Phair fans know and love. Songs like "Rock Me," "Red Light Fever," and "My Bionic Eyes" show she is "just your ordinary average everyday sane/psycho super godess" as she proclaims in "Extraordinary." In "Favorite", she compares her lover to her favorite pair of underwear: "Don't look sexy but it just feels right/Not to dirty and not too tight... And I'm slipping you on again tonight." By the end of the album, you will feel compelled to hit repeat.

Ok, she's not psycho. But she is a super godess...

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