Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I took a two week vacation around Xmas, and this place hasn't quite recovered. Then, I took a break from blogging for a few weeks in March hoping to replensh my juices. But, I don't feel like I've been living up to blogging. I want to be a more regular blogger, I really do. I guess I need to look as this as just write something, even if it's crap (like this is).

So what's going on? My wife and kid are staying in New Orleans for a month, so I'm all alone. Thank God I have work to keep me happy. That was sarcasm. I kinda want to get out of the house while they are gone, so I don't just spend the time playing video games. Can I have a little bit of a life?

A friend of mine is trying to make a movie short. I have one line in it. We start rehersals tonight. I'm not sure he knows exactly how to make a movie, but this is a pretty good chance to network and networking could lead to making some new friends, getting some kind of life, and maybe, just maybe making a job contact or two.

But, nonetheless, I am not sure this movie-making experience will be a great thing. I'm scheduled to be at 8 of 9 rehersals and I only have one friggin' line. And rehersals are 4 hours long. Does my (lack of) character really need that much rehersal time? I plan on speaking with him about this at rehersals. 6pm to 10pm 3 nights a week is going to KILL my diet and attempt at life. It's one line and some sitting in the background. It can't require that much rehersal. Then again, I've never made a movie... but I do work in a simular field and from my TV experience, it seems like he doesn't know what he's doing...

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