Thursday, August 28, 2003

Dreams of Mars

Last night, I fell asleep very quickly. Almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. We'd been planning to wake up around 12:30am and trying to catch a glimpse of Mars since it hasn't been this close to Earth in 60-70,000 years. Well, we didn't make it up. I was zonked out. But, I had very vivid and real dreams about waking up and looking out of the window in my underwear to see what the view would be.

First, in my dream, I went to the window in our bedroom. It faces East towards more apartment and there's a lot of artifical light making it difficult to make out any stars. Well, I remember seeing the Red Planet. It appeared closer and bigger than I thought it would. I thought it would just be a spec of red shimmer, but I could make out a rough red terrain. My naked eye could make out vast seas of red rock craters, looking much like the moon's surface. Mars was partially in shadow. While remember thinking it looked like a very minuscle blood moon, the War God kept his distance. I went back to bed in my dream.

Later, I dreamt of the Martian planet again. This time, I got of my bed and drearily walked into the kid's room. He was in a heavy sleep. The window here faced west and less street light made making out the night sky an easier task. There was Mars again, much more brilliant than before. It seemed bigger without a shadow to hide it but still he didn't come closer. The seas of craters were much easier to make out. I stood in awe of the heavenly site for a few moments and went back to bed.

This morning, I am feeling very sleepy. That and how vividly I remember these dreams makes me wonder if I was sleepwalking or having some sort of out-of-body experience. Since I haven't been know to sleepwalk (hit, yes, walk no), perhaps I did have an OOBE. Though, I have real difficulty believing that. My subconscious and conscious were most likely working hand in hand. The conscious me knowing that I wanted to see the night sight and the subconscious me agreeing to make it happen.

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