Thursday, September 04, 2003


Ok, I've been very busy. Deal with it. The comments are down. Deal with it. They should be back tomorrow, according to the YACCS people. I'm half-asleep at noon. I'm dealing with it. Free food will be here soon. I'll be dealing nicely with that. Yesterday sucked until 5:30pm. I dealt with it. Yesterday after 5:30p helped to deal with it. I've decided that I want to say working in television, but I don't want to deal with TV stations. For now, though, guess what? I will have to deal with it. I am also dealing with the independent short I'm working on. My current way to deal with it is only go to the shoots that I am needed to be on camera. Tomorrow, I will have to deal with editing some of the footage. I will have to deal with the pain of biting my tongue. I guess that's the motto for now, eh? I can deal with that...

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