Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Exile in Guyville

It occurred to me today that I'm probably one of a few hardcore male Liz Phair fans. Sure, there were guys at the shows this weekend to see her, but none of them showed the enthusiasm that I did. Then, I started wondering why do her songs effect me so. Why do I identify with the themes in her music? It's not like most of her songs are pro-male. In fact, they border on man-bashing. Songs like Fuck and Run don't exactly put the male species in a good light. Any pschyo-therapists wanna put their finger on my enjoyment and identifying with her music?

It really ticks my gnads off when some neanderthal says something like, "Oh, she's so hot. I'd do her." It's fucking not about that you mouth-breather! It's about the message in her music and that chauvanistic attitude is exactly what she's slapping around. That's some good fucking irony for you, eh? She sings about how fucked up men are and it just takes one stupid moronic statement to prove her right.

Her latest album really speaks to me. Maybe it's that deep down I wish someone would say some of those things to me. I wouldn't mind being told that a relationship compared to comfortable pair of underwear, as Liz speaks in Favorite. There's a lot of themes on this album that I am really identifying with at this point in my life. For the life of me, I don't understand why the critics don't like this album.

Ok, I will stop talking about Liz Phair now... I'm sure you're sick of it...

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