Friday, August 15, 2003

Friday Fizzle My Nizzle

The kid started school yesterday. 5th grade. The teacher gave a speech about how all the kids need to have their parents buy them deodorant. We were already ahead of the game. He's been more stinky than just little boy smell. I guess by this time next year I'll have to give him ... the talk. Um... help.

A little over a month ago, we had to borrow a little bit of money from my parents. The long story short is my wife's paychecks couldn't be cashed at the time because the FBI or IRS seized the company she works for assets. Something about unpaid taxes. She's getting paid now, so we're not in an financial trouble or anything. Though, at the time, we had to ask my parents for a little tiny loan to help pay one auto insurance payment. We were sent a check for twice as much as we asked for. Parents can be both a blessing and a curse.

I sent my folks a check for half of what they sent us. I've got no problem paying them back. That's what a loan is. They got the check yesterday and dad called to say he tore it up and he'll do the same to any others I send. Blessing and a curse. Try to do the right thing and pay them back. Curses! But maybe we'll be able to get a new computer a little sooner. Can't you see I'm trying to be a responsible person?

Saw Freddy Vs Jason and there's not much I can ruin in the way of spoilers. People die, some by machete, some by razon-blade claws. Some are killed while fucking. But who wins, Freddy or Jason? Well, I won't spoil it, but I think the real winner is the audiences who love Freddy and Jason. Needless to say, this really isn't a horror flick and if you go into it thinking that, well, you're gonna be one unfrightened fool. After 8-10 sequels a-piece, this could only have been bloody and campy. You would have thought that the coolness factor would go to Freddy, but I found I was rooting more for ol'Hockey-head. A *ahem* bloody good flick. My question is how to package the box set. Do you sell Freddy vs. Jason with the Nightmare box set, the Friday the 13th box sex, both, or combine them all in the mother-of-all DVD sets?

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