Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Learning Curve

First off, you have to understand my kid is dyslexic. That basically means something in his head mixes things up making it hard to read. I don't mean to be oversimplitic, but dyslexia is not really the problem. In real life terms, it means he scores very low on standardized tests. According to the tests, he is presently reading at a 2.5 grade level. That's about half way through second grade. He's in 5th grade, by the way. Do not call him stupid or a dummy. This kid is very bright and talented (and that's not just his parent talking). This is a kid who is writing and drawing his own comic book. This is a kid who wants to get good grades so he can skip a few years and start high school already. Not because he hates school, but because he wants to be THAT intellegent.

He has a book report due. He wanted to do the report on a book he's read very recently: The Classic Illustrated Edition of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Well, he was informed that he can't do his report on that book because it's not on his reading level. He has his report on a book on something at his tested reading level of 2.5. You know what book he's reading now? Super Diaper Baby. Super Friggin' Diaper Baby, as opposed to a Classic like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Granted, I haven't read Super Diaper Baby, but just browsing through the book, it looks like a dumbed-down, babyfied comic book.

I really don't understand this. He goes to a dyslexia class 3 times a week at the school. His teachers know about his dyslexia, yet, they never seem to challenge him or take that into consideration. Shouldn't they be inviting him to challenge himself? How is Super Diaper Baby going to help him, or challenge him? How will he learn to survive with his learning (dis)ability if he is coddled and spoon-fed with such babyfied drivel? He won't.

I also don't understand how kids in 5th grade don't have to write in cursive. That's another thing his teachers don't seem to push. Maybe this is a "when I was in school" issue and times have changed. I learned cursive in 2nd grade and had to use it in school ever since. Is this not the practice anymore?

Perhaps, his teachers and I should discuss this. I really have a problem with this Super Diaper Baby crap. Push him to succed. Don't set the bar so low that he can trip over it. That's not an education.

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