Monday, April 19, 2004

Random Thinkings

Sorry, it's been a long time. Still no home computer... I guess the ETA on that might be in Mid-May. Then, I have to get net service and set all this up again. So, I guess regular posting could theoretically continue sometime in June. More on that when it's more definite.

This concludes the Public Service Announcement... Now for some Random Thinkings...

-- Ain't no way in hell will I be voting to re-elect Bush.
-- On the Condy Rice Affair: So, let me get this straight, the President and VP will speak privately to the 911 Commission, but not if they are under oath... Nope, nothing to hide there...
-- The best thing I could think of to do for Easter (a religious celebration of JC's resurrection) was to go see Hellboy. Good flick, didn't need the romantic triangle, but otherwise good flick.
-- Ron Perlman should always be in special F/X makeup.
-- Thank you, Firebirds (and free tickets), for making me an Arena football fan. 6 - 5 after a 0-5 start. Looking good.
-- It took moving to Indy for me to start supporting the Astros. (I still don't like baseball enough to watch it)
-- Concerts I MUST go to: Barenaked Ladies on July 20th. Guster - Tomorrow Night!!
-- I need cookbooks or I need to learn how to eat the same 5 or 10 meals for the next 2 months when cookbooks will accompany the family.
-- It really sucks that now that the move is in full effect, the wife is finally getting great theatre and acting offers that she has to turn down because she's moving here in June. I feel completely fucked about that. I wish there was a way for her to live her dreams, while I'm living mine. I'm starting to feel like I've been completely selfish by making this great career move. Yet, at the same time, I never look out for myself and what makes me happy...
-- Bought lotion for my "dry elbows." Wanting to go shopping for better pants. Metrosexual transmogrification nearly complete.
-- Thinking about behavior sciences research. My theory is we are only as happy/sad, etc. as the music we are listening to. Furthermore, music helps shape our thoughts, ideals, and moral structure at the time. It's just a theory at this point.
-- You know, I'm kinda glad that I'm getting back into watching and enjoying professional wrestling.
-- Too much Krispy Kreme IS a bad thing. But really how much is too much?
-- Moving really gives you a good idea who your real friends are. Is the distance greater than the effort of maintaining friendships?

That is all for now.

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