Tuesday, August 24, 2004

NFL Predictions III

In which we'll begin talking about the NFC...

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys - The 'Boys were looking good to be for a while. Picking up Keyshawn, adding Vinnie T to backup and teach Quincy Carter. But, Quincy was let go for whatever reasons and now they don't look too hot, at least, offensively. The defense will kept them competitive though. Vinnie T have just enough left to help them make the playoffs.

New York Giants - It doesn't matter who starts at QB. Eli has growing pains to go through and Warner is washed-up. They will finish last in the division. Yeah, so Ron Dayne is starting to finally look good (after, what 5+ years?). So what? 6-10 is Eli starts. 4-12 with Warner.

Philadelphia Eagles - Three years in a row losing in the NFC Conference Championship will weigh a heavy toll on the Eagles. Even with Terrell "Whiney Boy" Owens giving McNabb a solid receiver, and Javon Kearse filling defensive weaknesses, getting inches to the Super Bowl for three years will be too much. They'll make the playoffs, but won't make it to the NFC Conference Championship. Their Conferense Championship run is over. Prediction: Division Champs

Washington Redskins - All the questions lie with Joe Gibbs. Can he bring them back to glory? The answer is yes, but likely not this year. No playoffs 'til next year.

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons - Vick is back, and a new coach to boot. A potent offense but will take at least a year to gel. 2nd or 3rd in the division.

New Orleans Saints - as long as Aaron Brooks remains inconsistent as their starting QB, the Saints will not be in playoff contention. Don't get me wrong. Brooks is a phenomenal player, half of the time. When he is on, the offense is unstoppable. But with a defense that leaks yardage and points worse than my old ride did oil, Brooks has to be on all the time, and he can't be. Plus, the Saints did hardly anything during free agency to fix problems with the defense. If Haslett has a job after this year, it'll be a miracle. Though, not entirely his fault. Benson fucked the team when he fired former GM Randy Mueller.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - They ain't back yet. Gruden knows how to win, but they are quickly becoming the Raiders: Part Deux. Adding Tim Brown and Charlie Garner? McCardell still holding out? The Buccs could very well be last in the division.

Carolina Panthers - Personal love and bias aside, this team could very well be in the Super Bowl again this year, and might even win it (if K John Casey doesn't botch a kick off). They are a lock to win the NFC South title. Jake Delhomme is for real. I've been saying it for years. They have to stay healthy though. Look for the secondary to improve. Prediction: Division Winners and NFC Conference Finalist

Coming: Part IV and The End...

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