Thursday, August 26, 2004

NFL Predictions Part 4 of 4

In which our bloggin' hero *ahem* quickly sums up the rest of the NFC and comes to a quick and hasty conclusion in order to put this 4-parter behind him...

NFC North
Chicago Bears - Lovie Smith has a great mind for defense. But that won't be enough to bring the Bears to the promise land. Who's the QB? Seriously, can someone tell me? I forget. Urlicher is the only player I can name on this team and that's only because I still play NFL2K3 with him on the cover... Last in the division. 5-11 or so...

Green Bay Packers - Here's my prediction for the Pack. They will win the division, but not because of Bret Farve... Ok, not ENTIRELY because of Farve. Ahmad Green will be this teams offense. Ok, Farve will make a ton of great throws to no-name receivers, but the Pack is turning into a running team. Prediction: Division Champs, NFC Conference Finalist and Farve retires.

Minnesota Vikings - If they the Viks can pick their chin off the ground after last year's loss to Arizona and play defense, they will go far. You'll continue to hear "Culpepper to Moss" a whole lotta times. But, I'm more interested in hearing about Brock Lesnar, but that's the wrestling fan in me talking. Prediction: Wildcard birth.

Detriot Lions - Boy, I'd really hate to face this team's offense after Harrington and his WRs gel. However, even with Mariucci's great coaching, that won't happen this year. But, I do expect a few teams to be shocked by lossing to the Lions. 6-10 isn't asking for much and they should do that or better.

NFC West
St. Louis Rams - Warner is gone, thankfully, yet the Greatest Show On Turf will struggle to be 8-8 this year. Faulk isn't what he used to be due to various injuries. Torry Holt should do very well this year, but it won't be enough to secure a Rams playoff birth.

Seattle Seahawks - The Birds will be scary. Lots of points from this high-charged offense. Easily win the division. Prediction: Division Champs

Arizona Cardinals - The Birds will be scary. Lots of points from high-charged offenses facing the Cardinals. Easily last place in the division. This ain't the year, Dennis Green...

San Francisco 49ers - are still in re-building mode. They'll win a few here and there, but they don't have what it takes to even get 7-9.

Ok, so let's see looking it over... For making the playoffs, I'm going with Baltimore, New England, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Carolina, Seattle, Green Bay, Philly, and wild cards will be Minnesota, Dallas, Cincinnati and Jacksonville.

Pats vs Colts (again) for the AFC title with the Pats advancing.
Pack vs Cats for the NFC title.

I'm not picking a NFC Champ because part of me thinks it'll be Carolina but part of me doesn't want to see Pats vs Cats again in the Super Bowl. Though, it was, in my opinion, the best damn Super Bowl EVER. If it is New England and Carolina, the Panthers will win this year. If it's Packers vs Patrioits, Farve retires without getting another ring...

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