Thursday, September 16, 2004

Sexy Defined

I've seen her in countless movies from Footloose to L.A. Story. Not having cable, I completely ignored her on HBO. I never noticed her before.

Now, Sarah Jessia Parker graces my TV via the new Gap commerical with Lenny Kravitz (figures, it would take Lenny to get me to notice.)

In that commercial, Sarah, you define Sexy.

Mrs. Broderick has quickly jumped to #2 on my list of "*Women Who Define Sexy That I Never Want To See Naked Or Sleep With." She comes very close to topping Liz Phair. But, Liz kissed me, and that'll win out every time.

*Note: It's not that I would turn down the opportunity to see the women on this list in a naked capacity or sleep with them, necessary. It's that the reality could never live up to the fantasy. So, I'd rather keep the dream.

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