Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Next Four Years

Finally, we all know who will lead this country. The next four years offers this country an amazing opportunity. Realize this: the President in 2008 will be completely new. It will not be George W. Bush because of term limits. It probably won't even be VP Dick Cheney because of age. The Democrats will have someone new to offer. Heck, even a third party might make a splash in Campaign 2008.

What this means is for about three years (until the next election cycle), we don't have a national election to polarize the population and further divide us. We now have a great opportunity to break down the barriers of Red and Blue.

Now is the time to extend a hand to the other side and say, "Let's make this country great again." It's not about the Republican Agenda. It's not about the Democrat Agenda. It's about the American Agenda.

No matter who won, over 110 million Americans voted. Just under half of those people felt the need for change. That's 55 million people in this country who disagree with they way the country is run. That's what the "winners" need to realize. A LOT of people are feeling disenfranchised from their country. A LOT of people are feeling like their country doesn't care for them.

It’s a problem that's inherent to the two-party system we have. The two parties have the “if you are not with us, you’re against us” mentality. And instead of reaching out to more people on the other side in order to make it all work for more people, they divide the people further working only to make their people happy. That’s not what it’s all about.

We have a responsibility to compromise and create solutions that appeal to more people. Yes, 51-48% is a majority and majority rules in a Democracy. But, shouldn't we be striving for at least 65-35%? Isn't that a better indication that we're doing it right?

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