Friday, November 05, 2004

Dear Mr. President

(Please forward this to anyone who will listen)

I am writing in the interest of unifying this country once again. You have just been through a bitter, angry, and dividing election campaign. While, I had my reasons for not voting for you, I congratulate you on your re-election. In your victory speech, you talked of how you wanted to reunite this country and extended your hand to Kerry supporters. Sir, that is what I am writing to you about.

While you may have been elected by a majority of voters, I hope you don't take for granted that it was only a slim majority. 3 million voters out of over 115 million is not really a whole lot of difference. That also means 55 million people disagreed with your previous policies. It is these people you have to reach out to now. You've already got the majority. Now, I encourage you to make the majority grow through compromise. Your goal should not be just to make 51% of the people happy but it should be your goal to make at least 65% of the people happy.

In the past, I have not agreed with your reasons for war in Iraq. And, I have not agreed with your position on the Federal Marriage Amendment. Such a piece of legislature is discriminatory, for one, and is a violation of this country's separation of church and state policy. In fact, all 11 of the bans on gay marriage passed in the recent election are unconstitutional for the same reason.

Marriage is a religious sacrament. And according to the Bill of Rights, we are allowed freedom of religion. That means if a person wants to follow a religion that allows gays the sacrament of marriage, that is that person's decision. Just as it is the decision of the people who choose the opposite. A religious sacrament SHOULD NOT under any circumstances be withheld from people by the Government. In this case, that is up to the followers of that particular religion. Let me add that I do understand your religion believes marriage is between a man and a woman. But, that does not give a leader the right to impose his religion on anyone.

This is what I am proposing. I'll be more supportive of the war in Iraq and the war on Terror. I'll reach out that way, if you'll reach out to the myself and the other 55 million. In return, I ask that you reach out by not pushing forward with the Federal Marriage Amendment and work towards ruling similar state legislature unconstitutional.

If you truly want to help heal this country, if you truly want to be known as a uniter, if you truly want a historical, successful second-term, you will see that both sides can compromise to get what we all want. And what we all want is for America to once again be known as the great superpower it once was. It's not about the Republican Agenda. It's not about the Democratic Agenda. It's about the American Agenda.

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