Thursday, March 03, 2005

All you need is Love?

When I decided to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, a friend of mine told me that was good but not to change into one of those Holy-Rolling Bible-Thumpers. And, it is not my intention to do so. Yet, as I am reading the Bible and discovering the Truth for myself, I can’t help but want to share that Truth with everyone. But, how to do that without coming off as a nutjob spouting “Well, the Bible says…?” I really don’t want to be that guy.

But, I’m discovering amazing Truth as I read through the Bible. Matthew 19 talks about divorce and love. I don’t think JC’s point here is necessarily that once you’re married, you’re married for life, barring a divorce on adulterous grounds. No, I rather think that his purpose here is to say that Love and Marriage ain’t easy. And it takes a special couple to remain in love and faithful to each other for the rest of their days.

I think it’s way too easy to get married these days and that’s obvious in the divorce rate (what is it now? 60% or so of marriage end in divorce?). Futhermore, I believe there would be less divorce if it were much harder to get married. I don’t think we need to govern who can or cannot get married. But, people, we need to be more responsible about our reasons for getting married.

My pastor gave me a great analogy a while back about love and marriage. I’ll paraphrase as best I can here. He said maintaining love in your relationship is like a locomotive. You’ve got your engine, your middle cars, and the caboose. The engine is the love. That’s what pulls the train along. You’ve got the middle cars – the kids, the money issues, etc. – the things that come with a relationship. And finally, you’ve got the caboose, the dead weight that puts on the brakes – the things we bitch about. Most relationships fail because too many people try to drive the “love train” with the caboose. If we let the engine – the love-- pull the relationship along, everything else falls into place, even the caboose.

My point goes back to JC’s point. Marriage takes a special couple. And what makes a couple special enough for marriage? In a simple answer, unconditional love. In other words, understanding and accepting the vows we make during the wedding ceremony. It’s all about being mature enough to live up to our vows and promises.

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