Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Stream of Consciousness, Part 1

So, what's up with the Mizzle Lizzle? Godspell rehearsals are going ok. We're less than two weeks from opening night. And, I'm a little bit nervous about it being so damn close. I'm pretty set on what I do in the first act. The second act is going to trip me up. Learn those lines, buddy. There's not a lot. And practice that damn dance that keeps tripping you up. Near the end of "We Beseech Thee," there's one part that trips me up every friggin' time. I'm concentrating so hard on getting the dance step that when the moment comes I miss it by a beat and then I'm off. I don't think I sing the harmony part there. I mean, I'm supposed to be singing but my brain's firing off impulses to my legs and feet and doesn't send enough electricity to my mouth. Practice, boy, practice. The show should be pretty darn good. Though, as with most shows, I would recommend seeing in after the opening weekend. Jeremy, our vocal director, cracks me up because of some comments he's made before we practice my solo. I'm singing, "All Good Gifts" - a wonderful tenor spotlight song- and he says stuff like, "And now, for the American Idol portion of our show," or... crud, I forgot what he said last night. Guess you had to be there 'cause I thought it was funny. Anyway, I sing my ass off in that song... that's the point.

My car has cancer. And an inferiority complex. I keep calling her a car when she's really a small pick-up truck. But, about 3 weeks ago, the water pump went out and the mechanics told me that the head gasket had a leak. He basically said fixing it would run me around the price of a new engine. Um... No. He said that eventually the engine would die because the radiator fluid would get into the engine and mix with the oil (or something like that). I'm horrible with engine stuff. I just say that my ca... truck... has leukemia; that she's helping to support our friend, Jonathan, who is fighting the same disease. He's doing quite well from the updates we get. Prognosis is very good and they expect a full recovery for him. That's where he and Ani (my truck) differ. We don't know when she's gonna die, but she will. Hopefully, I can get another 20-30,000 miles out of her or a year and a half. By then, the other car will be paid off and I can afford another one.

And finally, send some prayers to my director who is passing kidney stones and has been for a few days now. And, if you're sending prayers, might as well add some for Jonathan... and Ani, so she can live another 20,000 or so miles... And for Liz Phair to tour soon and in Indy... While you're at it, if it's not too much trouble, pray for world peace and that I don't get sick at least until the show is over... And that the kid can keep his grades up... Thank you...

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