Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stream of Consciousness, Part 2

There was something I was going to talk about, but alas, it has left my memory...

Today's To-Do List.

1) Remind wife you love her without saying it.
2) Ditto for the kid.
3) Get to rehearal early and practice dances for Act 2.
4) Pray.
5) Go over Act 2 blocking and lines!
6) Do a load of laundry.

Wow. Lots of turmoil on the BNL Chatter. I'm not sure what to say about it all that hasn't been said already. All over a 12 year old newbie arriving in a public internet forum. Yeah, she can be annoying, but just about everyone there has their quirks. Admittedly, the tone of the "conversations" is adult in nature (meaning lots of sexual innuendo and double entendres) and it's not exactly material for kids. But, then again, it's a public forum... no passwords needed, post what you like kinda place. The regulars tend to get dirty and have lots of inside jokes. So, it's an interesting social experiment when a 12 year old girl appears among the ranks... Make me wonder what all the bitchin' is about really... How to explain myself without giving the wrong idea? I think the whole situation is kinda like when a kid catches his parents watching a dirty movie. The parent is ashamed to be caught doing something they perhaps shouldn't be... That's sort of the vibe I get from the whole "argument." The kid seems to have left, so I think it's going to die down. But, there's been some battle scars that might take a while to heal... and sadly, a casualty. Though, I don't doubt that wounded soul lurks around the place.

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