Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter - Whoa!

So... I went ahead with the baptism thing. It was well worth it, I do believe. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the blessed event. The camera's batteries conked out just as I came out for God's Nestea plunge. I was sitting there in the tub completely in my own little world. The Crux made a video of "my story" of coming into Christ. Some 200 odd people in the church. The wife and kid and some Godspell castmates sitting in the second row right in front of me (Thank you guys for that). I didn't want to look out into the congregation. I didn't need to. It wasn't about them. It was about me and JC. I just sat there smiling while the video played. Pastor Daron said a few words based on conversations he and I have had. Then, he dunked me and cleansed me of my old life (that's the symbolism anyway). Romans 6 talks about "being dead to sin and alive to God in Jesus Christ" and that's what my baptism was about. Someone later asked me if I felt any different and I said no. But, now that I think about it, I truly do. I don't think I could actually explain how. If you haven't experienced this feeling before, then maybe you wouldn't understand it. And if you have, then there's no need to explain.

Afterwards, we headed to a friend (who was also baptized yesterday) of ours house for Easter dinner. I say, friend of ours, but I'm not quite sure if "friend" is an accurate term for Ms. Amy. I met Amy through doing Fiddler On The Roof over the summer. And, she was the one who introduced me to the Gospel of John, thus beginning this whole faith journey I'm on. Since Fiddler, I started going to her church, The Crux, now where I go to worship. And, we have traded emails on occassion. She even came to see me perform in "Joseph" around the Christmas Holidays. I say "friend" may not be accurate strictly because we've never hung out, or chatted on the phone or IMed, or stuff like I do with my other close friends. Of course, we did have dinner with her family on Easter and other plans we've tried to make have fallen through. In fact, at dinner, her mother said it was nice to finally meet us, impling she has heard alot about us. So, a friendship relationship with Amy does seem to be the road my wife and I are traveling down. And, I absolutely like that. God has put her in our lives for good reason. He's smart like that. There's an interesting story (to me anyway) about how she appeared in my life, but that's story for another time...

My wife gave me a ring as a baptism present. It's silver with three Jesus fish engraved into it. That really meant alot to me. Not so much because it's a reminder of the relationship I have with Jesus. No, I am much more touched because I think she understands what my baptism meant to me. It might not be her path and I don't know if she fully understands the path I'm on. But, she loves me and for all that she does for me, I am completely grateful.

Then, to top the day off, to celebrate my baptism and that Christ is risen, it was such a blessed honor to perform in Godspell on Easter Sunday. And, wow, it was one of the absolute best performances that we have put on. That was for you God.

And for the next two weekends, Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm, and Sundays at 5pm at The Artist's Studio in Fishers, </shameless plug > it will be for God's glory.

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