Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Thoughts on God's Plans

I keep going back and forth on the whole Terri Schiavo thing. I don't really want to talk about it. But, it did make me think of something worth discussion...

How does all this fit into God's plan? No, that's not it. Are we playing God in this situation? I mean, if God had originally wanted this woman to pass, are the doctors and the lawyers and the families, et al, doing what God wants? Of course, some would say they are for it is God's will. I guess what I am asking is what if God wants us to do one thing, but we do another? Does that royally fuck his plan for us? Wouldn't he see that coming? Wouldn't he know that we were going to do the opposite of what he wanted? I imagine he plans for that.

Can you imagine God up there going, "Well, I want ML to do this, and if he does, for I gave him Free Will, then we'll go with Plan A. But, if he fucks it up, better have a Plan B."

Back to Terri... Part of me is praying for God to keep this woman alive through one of his miracles. I don't mean that someone ends up putting the feeding tube back in. No, I think it would truly be amazing if he somehow lived through the starvation and maybe even show signs of recovery. That would be something...

I just wonder what's God's reason for making me sick right now... I have a show to do (in his name, no less) on Friday and we're promoting it on TV on Thursday... Onto Plan B, eh God?

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