Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Things you didn't want to know

It's time to change my eating habits. Beside the health benefits, I don't think my intestines can handle the crap I feed myself with. I finally figured out that Taco Bell's ground beef is the devil to my colon. I can eat the steak and chicken items with no adverse effects. But anything with ground beef, well, hurts about 30 minutes later. Sadly, I may have to give up pork chops, too. They don't hurt me so much as those around me after I eat them. The methane that is produced is quite deadly.

I guess I'll admit it. If you didn't know already, my shit really stinks. Therefore, the air freshner is stocked in abundance. On a completely different tangent, NEVER BUY CHEAP TOLIET PAPER! NO EXCEPTIONS! Good t.p. is the one luxury item I refuse to live without.

Here's a fun link for you! Hold your nose.

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