Thursday, August 04, 2005


The show opens tomorrow. If you said to yourself, "Does he have a cold?" you win! This will be my fourth show in a row, all in Indiana, that I get sick for. I am convinced that these colds have become psychosomantic. Meaning, something about these shows is psyching me out and my body's reaction to my mind is getting sick.

Mostly, it's a sore throat and runny/stuffy nose. I'm able to keep the nose clear enough with Advil Core and Sinus, as well as 12-hour Afrin. The throat pain is what really bothers me. I'm constantly sucking on some lozenge or drinking water. Sometimes, I'll eat some honey and let it's soothing gooeyness slide don't my throat.

A friend turned me on to Fishermen's Friend. It's a menthol lozenge. If it were candy, it'd be an Altoid. Think of them as the curiously strong throat lozenge. Since I've got singing to do, I'm also drinking ThroatCoat tea. Someone else turned me onto that product.

These colds when I open are really getting on my nerves. I think I might have to go see a shrink to figure this out. It's not like I'm really nervous about performing.

Well, at least I discovered a bonus that came with completely shaving... I don't have to worry about mucus remaining on my moustache after I blow my nose.

Also, sorry if this post is disjointed and somewhat meandering without really getting to a point... Cold medicine plus very little sleep has me a bit loopy right now...

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