Saturday, August 06, 2005

Another Openin' Another Show...

Birdie opened last night and it was very well received. It's amazing what a live audience will do for a performance. The audience dress rehearsal the night before dragged a little. But, opening was very good, had lots of energy. Thanks to God for helping me get over my cold quicker. I've got a bit of a cough but my upper respitory system is pretty much all clear, and that's what I need for singing.

My two favorite scenes in the show are "Baby, Talk To Me," and "Rosie." The songs sound great. "baby, Talk To Me," is the main reason I wanted this part. It's such a great song and my voice, and the quartet, really shine. And, "Rosie," is such a sugar-sweet ending to the show. Ah, love. The "Happy Face" dance is third on my list of favorite scenes (I'm in). Our choreographer, Mandy, really worked with my strengths and weaknesses (a dancer, I ain't) when it comes to dancing and helped make it a cute, little moment of joy.

And, as much griping I do about shows, honestly, I've had a really great time rehearsing and performing this show. It's so great to work opposite of someone who gives you alot to play off of. Thanks Amy... And Danny, it's always fun working with you (We need to have Hedwig night! And maybe, add on Eddie Izzard, too!)... And Sue and Devin, I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and professionalism... I'd mention everyone but really this post willtake 100 years to write, so I'll just say thank you to the entire cast... *Tweet Tweet, Ella*

Call (317) 815-9387 for tickets and more information.

Here's hoping we don't have the "Great Opening, Second Night Let Down..."

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