Friday, October 28, 2005


You know what's interesting? We're doing a job here. A mean, people do what I am doing for a living. There are people who whack at trees with a chainsaw all day long, moving big hunka logs to their destinations. People get paid to do stuff like that. I HATE yard work. I have mowing the grass, pulling weeds. But, I'm doing all this heavy, dirty, blue collar work and I am LOVING every single minute. My body aches. I have cuts, scrapes, and bruises all over my arms. And I love every minute of this. Why? I'm doing it for God. I'm doing this for His glory. Not for money. Not for myself. How can I not love doing The Lord's work? I have never felt so much joy doing other work. I have never felt so fulfilled working so hard for no pay. What can I do to get that feeling everyday? I'm well paid and have a relatively easy job, but it has never brought me the joy I feel. And it certainly never made me feel like what I did mattered in the grand scheme. I feel like I could maybe do this for a long time.

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