Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ray Of Hope

We cleared fallen trees and branches from four houses today. That's it. Six of us worked from 9am to 5pm and all we were able to clear was four houses. And we had chainsaws.

"One pale thin ray reaching for the day..."

The first house we stopped at took half the morning to clear out. The most wonderful thing happened when we prayed with the owner of the house and her adult son. The son thanked Jesus for sending us. Even offered up Psalms 121:2 for us. We delivered hope.

At the second house, an 85 year old man's backyard was so full of overgrowth and fallen trees and branches, you couldn't get into the backyard. We started around 11am and, by 2:30pm, the man had a new backyard. A huge yard at that.

"We can build a ray of hope..."

That man was so inspired by our act of kindness, he broke out his chainsaw and began cutting things down. We delivered hope; you could see it in his smile as he whacked away. Four houses. All now with hope for what God is doing in their lives.

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