Monday, January 09, 2006

Book of Daniel

Did anyone get a chance to watch NBC's new series "The Book of Daniel" on Friday? I'm curious as to what other people thought of it.

It seems people were creating a stink about it. The show is about an Episcopalian pastor (addicted to pain meds), his (alcoholic) wife, a homosexual son, a daughter who gets busted selling pot, and a promiscuous adopted son. The pastor also talks to Christ, as in JC is a supporting character. Daniel regularly talks with Jesus, even jokes with him.

Seems a lot of Christians took offense to this show. Of course, they took offense at it before it premiered. So offensive, they started a campaign to boycott it and prevent it from being shown. I didn't hear of the show until I heard of the boycott. And, of course, that pulled me right in seeing what all the hubbub was about. Strange how protests work that way. In fact, in Indianapolis, Book of Daniel's 2 hour premiere was the 2nd most watched show of the evening. That tickled my funny bone.

After actually watching the program, I think I might be hooked (Of course, it's up against WWE Friday Night Smackdown, so I'll have to tape something). It shows religious people who are sinners and have flaws. I can relate to that more than anything that happened in the billion seasons 7th Heaven is on the air.

What I especially enjoyed was seeing Daniel's relationship with Jesus. When I first started coming to the Crux, I remember Pastor Daron talking about sitting outside in a garden (if memory serves) eating lunch and having conversations with JC. He expressed how he imaged Jesus sitting right there on the bench with him and they were just talking. How "Daniel" showed this relationship between the pastor and Jesus was exactly how I imaged Daron talking with Christ. Furthermore, isn't that what our relationship with Christ be like?

Thoughts anyone?

"Book of Daniel" airs Fridays at 9pm on your local NBC station.

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