Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year - New Attitude

Lord, I'm sleepy. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas Holiday and a great new Year's. I did and it's a story for another time when I'm less exhausted. We left the New Orleans area around 4pm Eastern time and arrived home at 8am. We stopped a whole bunch so it took looker than the drive down. We unpacked the car and were asleep for 8:30am. I forced myself to get up at 2pm so I could get to sleep in a little while...... zzzzzzzzzzzz.... huh? wha? Oh, blog post... yeah... ok...

So, New Year's Resolutions. I'm writing these down to see how I did a year from now. First and foremost, I resolve to make time every day to spend with God. Every day. No excuses. What kind of excuse can you have for not wanting to talk to God daily, anyway? No, God, I'm sorry, I can't talk to you right now, I'm busy watching TV. And after that, yeah, I gotta wash and dry my hair. Yeah, that's lame. So, I'm making time for God. Word.

This is the year make the "Lose Weight" resolution and keep it. After binging and gorging while on holiday, I feel like a blimp. For a while, I've been noticing things that I shouldn't be ok with, like the tightness I feel in my belly after way overeating. With each breath, it feels like my skin is stretching just a little. I'm tired of caring around the spare. I'm done with it. I was doing well - eating right and exercising - before Bye, Bye Birdie started rehearsal. All that went out the window and I haven't gotten back on track. If it doesn't show, I feel it. I feel heavy. So, if I have to not do any theatre this year to lose weight, so be it.

Also, I just took the credit card out of my wallet. This is the year I get my finances in order. Time to get out of credit debt. If we can survive until October, this will get much easier. The car note will be paid off and I can redirect that chunk of money to the plastic. This will be difficult. We need to get the dryer fixed, I need a root canal and crown put in. All that, as well as our usual bills (rent, electricity, etc), needs to be taken care of before October. I will make a budget and stick to it. Eating out WILL STOP! It has to. End of story. My last resolution is to make 2006 the year I begin to get out of debt.

So, there you go. That's what 2006 is going to be about for me. God, Lose Weight, and Debt-Free. Hmmm... maybe that's what I should call my autobiography?

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