Thursday, April 06, 2006

Big News: Buying a House

Holy Crap! We're buying a house... Unless, I just jinxed it by talking about it...

We decided to start looking for a house about three to four weeks ago. This is is all happening very, very quickly. Almost too quickly. But, if it's right, it's right. And, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. And, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be closed at the end of the month.

The wife met our realtor at the BMV (Indiana has a BUREAU of Motor Vehicles, not Department) of all places. They both were waiting... and waiting... and eventually struck up a conversation. My wife said something about looking for a house, and low and behold, the lady she was talking to was a realtor. Wifey felt really comfortable with the realtor lady, and she gave me her card to contact. And, I did. Within days, we were looking at houses, going over loan stuff with a great mortgage broker.

Eh... you don't care about all that, I bet. You wanna know about the house... OK. I don't have pictures to show you because the listing is no longer online, but eventually I will.

As for the house, it's 2 stories with a basement. Five bedrooms, two and a half baths. Yeah, five bedrooms for three people. One master, one for the kid, one will become a sewing room, one for *knock on wood* a future nursery (or something else until then), and one for storage/office space. 2642 sq/ft. Family, living, dining rooms, kitchen and half bath downstairs. (*Note: I'm at rehearsal and Claire - spelled C-L-U-R- is leaning on me. You're welcome.*) Wet bar, game room, bedroom and laundry room in the basement. Master and other bedrooms upstairs. I don't like the jack and jill double sinks in the upstairs bathrooms. Waste of space if you ask me. But for the price, I can deal (and remodel eventually). Oh, there's a hot tub, too.

And best of all, I can finally get my Siberian husky I've wanted for like ever. The last few days I have been trying to come up with names for a dog I don't have yet and I haven't settled on one. A few names stand out, but the final name will depend on the dog's personality. You can't name a pet until you see if the name fits it. That's how you end up with a scary, killer pet named "Fluffy."

You wanna talk about hope and faith though? Getting this house is all about hope and faith. The emotional rollercoaster we've been on since Saturday seeing the house for the first time... Well, we've been up and down and around and up and down again.

After we toured the house, our realtor put together a purchase agreement and we sent it to the seller's agent. On Sunday, during worship no less, our realtor called to say the seller had multiple offers and we needed to go with our strongest offer. We put in our best offer and on Monday found out we were outbid by someone else willing to pay closing costs. We were very disappointed, but we pressed on to find a house. These things work out for the best.

I prayed to God for the opportunity He was providing us in home buying and for the blessings. I knew that if God wanted us to have that house, or any house for that matter, then it would happen. The realtor sent us new listings to look at and see if we wanted to schedule a showing. There were a few, but nothing that screamed "home" like the house we lost out on. I told the realtor which one's we'd like to see and that you never know, the other deal could fall through and we still could get the house.

The very next day that happened. Now, we are getting this great house at a great deal. Thank God for this blessing. And, it all works out for the best. There's more I plan on saying about hope and faith, but this is long enough and I don't have all my thoughts focused...

In the meantime, I'm pretend I'm blogging from the hot tub...

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