Friday, April 14, 2006

Does every post need a good title?

Here’s my problem:  I’ve completely neglected my relationship with God this week.  And, not too surprising, it hasn’t been a good week.  Not a bad week, necessarily, but I’m not enjoying the good things like I should be.

Tuesday, I was planning of fasting.  Then, we took a friend out to lunch for his birthday. It would be kind of rude not to go, so I did with the intention to fast on Wednesday.  Of course, Wednesday something happened (the sad thing is I cannot remember what) and I didn’t fast, again intending to fast the next day.  Thursday, I forgot we had a staff lunch meeting, so I pushed it off for today.  And, now, my belly is full up on Qdoba. *sigh*

In the meantime, I was Crabby McCrabberton all day on Wednesday.  Not in a good mood.  Not sure why exactly - my levels were off kilter, I guess.  And, I’ve fallen into old habits I’ve been really good about breaking away from.  I’m disappointed in myself that it’s too easy to break down into old, bad habits.

Now, I remember… Need to revise a little.  Actually, Tuesday was the home appraisal and it was around lunchtime.  So, I grabbed lunched with the intention of fasting on Wednesday.  And, on Wednesday, we took a friend to lunch for his birthday.  That’s what I forgot.

Ok, so, the home inspection went rather well.  Nothing major needs fixing.  Some minor repairs that any buyer would reasonably want fixed before taking ownership.  That’s good news.  We sent our contingencies to the seller and are awaiting word on if he’s willing to fix them, give us money to fix them or balk.  I think the seller is in a bit of a corner because since we had the home inspection, if our deal doesn’t happen, he has new things to disclose to the buyer.  Hence, he’ll likely get less of an offer and still have to get the things fixed.  So, that’s good for us.

Rehearsal has been going well.  I was not “there” Wednesday, meaning I was not in it at all.  I couldn’t wait to just get away from the theatre.  Bad mood, foul attitude, Crabby McCrabbinstein.  Thursday was much better.

Got a new boss Thursday, too.  He was promoted from within.  So, the department doesn’t have to go through yet another major upheaval from a new Creative Services Director.  Usually, a new CSD changes the look and logo to put his stamp on the station.  This time we don’t have to do that.  Plus, if I’m interested, there’s a chance I could be promoted.  But, it’s way to early to think about that.

So, there are good things happening.  I just can’t seem to get completely out of the funk I’m in.  Maybe it’s because it’s Easter Weekend and I’m having troubles pursuing God.  Goodness, I almost feel like I’m turning my back on Christ for falling into old habits.  At least, I’m going longer stretches each time I break down.

All I can do is re-double my efforts in building my relationship with Christ.  Which, it’s probably a good thing that this is Easter weekend.  So, I can be reminded of the reasons Christ died on the cross and continue on my own journey.  I’m hoping this weekend will refill my spiritual health meter.  You know how like in video games you get, say, 100 hit points, and there’s a bottle that gives you five or ten hit points back.  Then, there’s the bottle that restores your hit points completely.  My spiritual hit points are probably around 88 (Zero being no faith and no interest in faith).  I could use some hit points, but I’m not in any danger of dying.  This weekend, hopefully, will be the equivalent of using the restore full health bottle when a restore five or ten hit points would have sufficed.

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