Monday, March 05, 2007

Fell at the Fall

I don't know why I have never said something about the Adam and Eve story in Genesis before. Something this weekend just hit me over the head about it and I need to share.

The story of the Fall is not about how sin entered into equation. It's not about a snake deceiving man. It's not about man's need for knowledge. It's not even about how man or this world was created.

Before Eve took a bite from the tree of knowledge and got Adam to do the same, the Garden of Eve was a pefect place. A literal heaven on earth. Man's relationship with God was perfect. Then, the snake came along, tempted man with an apple, and *boom* we're all a bunch of sinners.

This story is about why we need God in our lives. When man disobeyed God, our relationship with him was shattered. So, it is the same today with sin.

Back before the Fall, our relationship with God was perfect because we didn't sin, we didn't disobey His rules, and we were pleasing to the Lord. We needed that relationship with God and vice versa. As God himself says in Genesis 1:31, "It was very good." Afterwards, the relationship became troubled, to say the least, and we've been trying to heal the wounds ever since.

The story of the Creation and the Fall is not about the first man and woman. It's not about how the world came into being, nor how quickly. It's an allegory showing why we need a relationship with God. Without him, we are broken.

I don't want to go into more detail than putting that thought into your head. Think about it, meditation on it, whatever you do, do it. Once you understand the allegory, you can maybe better understand the rest of the Bible's message and why we need to fix the broken pieces of our relationship with God.

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