Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stage 3

Well, Stage 3 is here. It sucks taking pictures on my camera phone, but that's what I got. No iris adjustment, no focus, and I don't have Photoshop at home, so I can't tweak the colors. So, at least you know you're seeing an unaltered picture. I didn't try to doctor this one up to make it look better.

Shaved off the mutton chops. Just got the sideburns (which will stay for the show, unless the director says to nix them) and, of course, the pornstache. I don't like this look. Mainly because today it's called a pornstache. I'll like it more if it were still known as a handlebar moustache... Or am I thinking of a different 'stache?

The one thing I'm noticing is that with my hair pulled back I think my hairline is receeding. Need to look at older pictures and compare. Of course, my dad has pretty much been working the comb over since I was born. Guess I have that to look forward to.

Tomorrow, the final stage for the show opens... Naked face.

Click here for tickets and show times. There's numerous entertainment options for you in the Indianapolis area for the next three weekends, so I truly appreciate anyone who makes the trek to the Belfry in Noblesville to see this show. You now know what I look like, so make sure to stick around after the show and introduce yourself... unless your gonna go all stalker crazy on me... in that case, come to the show, but keep your distance and try to steal my tights from the dressing room.


Alissa said...

this one reminds me of mr. howe from the art department at nsu...oh the memories...

ML said...

Howe... He was the metal/scultpure teacher right? I forget; I didn't take a class with him

Alissa said...

yeah...i am pretty sure he wore the same thing every day too!

i hope the show is going well...break a leg in the rest of your performances!