Thursday, May 24, 2007

Waltz, Waltz, Turn, Walk, Walk

I am not a dancer. I certainly do not have a dancer's body. So, I feel like I have to make up for that when dance is required. It takes me longer to learn the choreography. When I'm not onstage, I'm going over the dance steps. The really sickening thing to me is... all I really wanna do is dance! It's my weakest link in the triple threat (singing, acting, dancing) but I do love it so. How much do I love to dance? My current pipe dream is to become a celebrity not for the fame and fortune, but so I can qualify to appear on "Dancing With The Stars." If you watched the latest season, I'm easily the Billy Ray Cyrus of the ensemble. By that I mean, I'm all heart and character, not much rhythm.

So, I get frustrated with myself when I have trouble with the choreography. And, it's not like I'm having major, I-can't-learn-it problems. I'm just demanding perfection out of myself. To be honest, an audience probably wouldn't notice my waltz isn't the best thing. But, I don't want to be the one that slacks and makes the ensemble and stage picture look bad.

At the end of Act I, there's an incredible song called "The Riddle." There's kind of a love triangle between the 2 male leads and the female. And, they are singing about who can they trust. Very good Act I ender song. In it, the ensemble does a very fast-paced waltz. Probably about 2 minutes of waltzing... really friggin' fast. I'm nearly out of breathe at the end and have to hit a hit Bflat. That note is right at the breaking point of my range. If I can't support the note, I can't hit it. Luckily, the stage is small and I can use my falsetto voice to hit it. Don't have to worry about power on this small stage. Falsetto should be fine. At least the music at the end is written to be able to go, "Note-GASP for AIR-Note-Big Gasp-HIGH NOTE that I have to hold forever." Those two big breaths help alot. But, that's not my feet.

Last night, I was very discouraged with myself when it came to the waltz. Part of the problem is I'm a lefty and it's very natural for me to do the half-turns a certain direction. But, I have to learn to ignore what's natural and turn the other direction. That's the way the dance should go. Maggie, the choreo, has told me not to worry about the direction and just worry about the 1-2-3 steps in the waltz. But, I'm worried that it won't look right if I'm turning one way went everyone else is turning the other. After working on it last night, I think the waltz will be where it needs to be for opening night. So, I'm not going to stress about it and just do it. My partner and I have it figured out; I'm just going to pretend that I'm on "Dancing With The Stars" and try to feel like I'm a natural dancer. Hopefully, that will come out in my body posture.

In case I never get the chance to at rehearsals, I want to thank Maggie for her patience with me. And, my waltz partner, Katherine, for her willingness to do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and for letting me lead.

Oh, and Darren G, thanks for the cookies!

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